Bearbellie and Bobby in the toy shop

Bearbellie the comic


The story of 'Bearbellie', a teddy bear who constantly needs to sew himself in a toy store to be the same with other teddy bears in the shop. He hopes that one day he will find a kind owner to choose him with love.

The story begins one day when he was picked up by a mischievous boy from the shelf and began to tear apart the cotton inside him. In the end, his mother agreed to pay the damages and take the poor teddy bear to their home. But the boy left him in the trash in front of the toy shop. Bearbellie returned to the store with a bruised body
and began to sew his own belly to repair himself.

One night the Bearbellie accidentally ate a red bear candy from a vending machine in the store. His life began to change forever again!

From the routine of having to sew his own belly all the time, which is already busy enough. Now he has to catch a strange bear 'Bobby',a chaotic little red bear that suddenly pops out of his belly so puts itback inside before the toy shop owner discovered that Bearbellie was a broken belly toy and threw him into the trash.


Season1 - EP1-2

Season1 : EP1 / EP2

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